During the late 80's I consider myself lucky to be saved from the clutches of the national sport, Football, by a friend who introduced me to bass–guitar... it was instant love!

Since the early 90's I have been fortunate to have bumped and played with amazing talented musicians that have becomed extended families. We travellled throught decibels, smashed vans and PA's in squats, venues and festivals sopporting great international bands as well as touring on our own.

A dozen of records and many collaboration archivied with great people.

Thank you All!

Mudcake 1992/1996

Rock Noise
4 guys who had apparently nothing to do with each other met in front of a record shop called Rock'n'Folk; we regularly witness clashes between punks, metal-heads and skins but mainly it was our territory to consume our passion.

We were all up for indie–noise and a wider spectrum of experimental cross-over music with a certain DIY attitude despite our different background. If you listen to some tracks it is quite obvious our interest for Primus, Jane's Addiction, Helmet, Tortoise, Naked City, Melvins and many others.

Mudcake was a magical experience matching a fantastic decade where melting genres created the most beautiful accidents that happened during that decade. Improvisation played a huge part in the Mudcake mix; it was an intense creative period for us while the majority of the bands where playing HC/Punk/Noise well we were mixing cards quite a lot. Underdogs and outsiders maybe that is why we drawned some attentions and some people liked us as too.

We played all over the country in very desperate situations, no-budget and for years we were just break-even but it was definitely worth it!

Daniele is still continuing to deliver heavy and intense indie-music with his band. He is a samurai with a mission and profound passion. Please pay him some attention.
Bass Luca Marzello
Guitar Daniele Brusaschetto
Drums/Percussions Marco Parton
Vocals Maurizio Gnola (1992/1994)/Michele Berselli (1995/96)

Angeli 1996/1999

HC Punk
I have met Tax (Roberto Farano) thanks to a schoolmate (Enzo Arcuri, Movie director and tanguero). We started a very quiet frequentation. He was like my big brother educating me on the main bands and events of the 80's HC but not solely.
I was not new to Punk Rock and Harcore but playing with Tax taught me a lot about the attitude... a bias for -Talk/+Action I suppose.

Tax had few songs and we started from there with another drummer (Tony Lionetti ex-Jester Beast) then Massimino (Massimo Ferrusi ex-Negazione, Indigesti and Persiana Jones) joined and re-united with Tax (originally together in Negazione). After a number of months, oiling the machine, we started to record a 4 tracks-demo (with Tino Paratore) then the first album, "Angeli" recorded by Iain Burgess | RIP (Big Black, Shellac, Uzeda, Ministry, Jawbox, Mega City Four etc.) at Black Box, France; then released by Freeland Records in 1997.

Live played a huge part, they were devasting and really powerful considering the simple Trio formula. I was getting more confident while fully enjoying the energy of this brutal simple and straight music. Very different from Mudcake and challenging in a completely different manner, very physical.
We have played in many Festivals and supported bands such as Rocket from the Crypt, NoFX, Offspring, DogEatDog, Sham 69, Agnostic Front then after I abandoned to leave the role to Marco Corti, the Foo Fighters gig happened. I am not good with timing I suppose ;)

Angeli released another record still with Ian Burgess, "Voglio di più" (Freeland Rec 1999) which contains many songs we had already written.

Angeli was pure Rock'n'roll life. Great energy but probably not exactly the genre or blend I wanted to pursue; I was suffering for the lack of freedom and experimentation possessed with Mudcake.
It was time for me to move on.

Thanks Tax/Max.
Voice/Guitar Roberto "Tax" Farano
Bass Luca Marzello (1996-1998)
Drums Massimo Ferrusi
Bass Marco Corti (1998/99)

Saliva 2000/2003

Jungle Jazz
A very ambitious and challenging project that wanted to bring Jungle in a immersive live experience stream with a Rock perspective and a made–up african lyrics. I was hooked initially by Paolo and Fabrizio then I contacted Marco (ex-Mudcake); probably the best drummer I ever played with; to support this challenging musical experiment. We added a live DJ, Patrick who helped us to remove the gaps between the songs to create a continuos live stream.

A promo recorded in our own self–fabricated studio; few lives including the support of Cold Cut and Hexstatic from Ninja Tune.
Bass Luca Marzello
Voice Paolo Pallavidino
Drums Marco Parton
Guitar | Samples Fabrizio Geninatti
DJ Patrick DiStefano

Acusmatic Group 2004/2006

Cinematic Jazz Funk
Instrumental cinematic-jazz-funk studio project, founded by 2 musicians (Romeo Sandri and Michele Berselli, ex–Mudcake) based in Aosta (North-West of Italy).

Acusmatic Group are inspired by spy-movies atmospheres, Blaxploitation and 70’s Italian cop movies (Poliziotteschi). They were combining the magic of ‘crime jazz’ and funk from those days, giving it a fresh treatment with today’s hip-hop grooves.

‘Pilot’ was the debut album, released on La Douce (Irma Records). It contains only original compositions, except for one very special cover of ‘Walkin’ On The Moon’ by The Police that could easily come from the soundtrack of ‘Shaft’.

Acusmatic Group’s live line-up is a quintet, with a pulsing rhythm section and a rich instrumentation (Clavinets, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Wah guitars, flutes, sax). The addition of samplers and a few digital gimmicks give birth to their original hip-jazz-funk sound.

How much I have learned in a very short time, I cannot even describe it, thank you guys!

Romeo is still continuing to play his own one–man–band stuff.
Find him here
sUb_modU Tru–Thoughts
Bass Luca Marzello (2004/2005)
Bass Leo Salvatore (2006/2008)
Guitars| Compositions Michele Berselli
Sax | Keys | Compositions Romeo Sandri
Drums Zap Delfino
Percussions Lotto Carlotto

Cucina Italiana 2008/2010

This is the last project I worked at before to leave Turin for London with my old time friend Massimo Desantis (ex-Sunpower). He has created a fantastic blend between our forever love for Zappa and twists of Jazz, Dub and his Reggae formation with a Ravel injection and a lounge–western Morriconian kick.

With the collaboration of trusted old time friends we managed to record a promo that we were really proud of. Unfortunately I was relocating to London so we could not pursue anymore the 7piece project. I hope that one day we might be able restart from where we left this fabulous accident.

Bass | Double Bass Luca Marzello
Guitars | Keys | Compositions & Arrangements Massimo Desantis
Drums | Percussions Federico Ariano
Flute | Tenor Sax Romeo Sandri

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