01temp is the work of Luca Marzello

Doer Dreamer Designer Founder Dad & Husband Craftman Bass Player Traveller Far-East cinephile
Born and bred in Turin, living and working from London to anywhere.
I am a designer with entrepreneurial orientation and a bias for action, crafts, end-to-end strategy and systematic thinking maintaining a grounded hands-on approach.

I have created and coded a generative graphic machine, pioneered awarded automotive and domotic IOT experiences, elevated and scaled a startup 2 corporate level, revamped the National Radio Network, taught and lectured around design disciplines in both public and private institutions in Italy and the UK and founded an AR/VR studio.

I passionately roll my sleeves up and sharpen my brain, digging into complex problems, extracting and organising information to distill and condense actionable insights to ultimately execute better outcomes for the business and improve human experiences; failing, learning but ultimately delivering.
I bring over 20 years of experience crafting and developing concepts for products and services across multiple touch-points while pushing myself out of the comfort zone in a constant effort to learn and grow.

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I simply cannot live without music. For almost twenty years in parallel of my design jobs, I have played bass with several diverse bands.

From Print to Web and Fashion.

I timidly started my design career with few Internships and Junior roles as graphic and web-designer in various small agencies designing logos and supporting Art Directors for mainly printed matters. I also had the chance to collaborate for three amazing years in-house at KristinaTi, a niche Italian fashion brand where I met Marco Tardito, probably the best Photographer/Art Director I ever worked with.

User Centred Design,
Products and Services for the public.

I started then working on digital products for the Council and the Mayor of Turin in 1997 at CSI-Piemonte where I wore several hats as a end2end designer, from research to UX/UI/IXD, branding to ultimately handling to devs slices of gifs and jpgs and get some basic code-bits done as well (PHP/JS/HTML4/CSS). I have learned a great deal in usability (Flash no good days – NNGroup) and how to work effectively with wide teams of engineers while managing a plethora of projects. I met there my very first digital mentor and maestro, Alberto Filannino.

New Media Agency life,
Hype & Flash years.

After 3 years crashcourse in waterfall software development I joined Eclettica where I spent 5 years progressing from mid-weight to senior and ultimately lead playing different roles: end-to-end design, copywriting, coding and animation. I have organically contributed to raise the company design standards and its rebranding to compete with the top 10 New Media Agencies in Italy, winning multiple accounts gained via intense pitches.

Initially we launched Ferrero’s brands to the web from the very beginning of their digital presence. My digital web-branding development for Ferrero.it (2001/2005), was personally selected by Michele Ferrero to represent the group philosophy.
We established a long time relationship with many companies as digital partners for all web presence, e-commerce, applications, kiosks, CD-Roms, digital marketing activities and for product design too for international clients such as Diageo, Ferrero, Bavaria, Fiat, Dietor, Motorola, Maserati, Procter&Gamble, Visa, Magneti Marelli, Superga, Suzuki, Amnesty International and many more.

Some of my work at Eclettica (Bavaria, Palazzo Bricherasio Foundation, Amnesty International, Ferrero and Ragno) has been published in Web Design in Italy 1.0 – Happy Books, 2004.

01temp – Italy,
Running a business and teaching.

After 5 intense years sharpening my digital crafts it was about time to start my own business, 01temp – The metaphor alludes to the binary code and its fluid nature as everything evolves and progresses over time to improve unpredictably. I worked as consultant for integrated and digital focused projects between Milan and Turin, cherry–picking the best possible projects for clients such as Danone, Citroën, AC Milan, Lumiq Studios, Lavazza, Vodafone and many others.

I also took the challenging and emotional opportunity to teach part-time in the same Advertising and Graphic Design College I attended (Abe Steiner) while also teaching IXD/UX in other private and Public founded institutions (ENAIP | Scuola di San Paolo). It was simply amazing having the chance to balance my two passions: educating and mentoring younger generation while choosing the best possible possible work avaible on the market.

With Vodafone I have built a 5 years relationship delivering a number of projects as external hands-on Digital Creative Director working with different adHoc teams built around project requirements and goals.
Award Golden BIP Award
Project Best employer branding campaign “Job is Now”
Client Vodafone
Category Web/Interactive ADV/Digital Activation
Year 2007

Award Italian Communication Award Golden Tag 22th Edition
Project Contact
Client Vodafone
Category Web/Interactive ADV/Digital Activation
Year 2008

New life in UK,
Out of the comfort zone again.

A perfect storm and the decision to move to London was growing in me...
1 – Economic triple-dip recession
2 – Education budget cut
3 – 7 years relationship ended
I was following the UK and specifically London market, admiring the best agencies to possibly join since early 2000's (Hi-Res!, Wefail, DeepEnd, RGA, Huge, and others). The proximity, the multicultural appeal and the musical heritage was the perfect choice for me.

I started to freelance in 2009 for a mix of in-house and digital agencies short gigs. My very first contract was at Ocado where I contributed to the new rebranding and early website, then I briefly joined Time Out (Web/App) and McCann – Momentum for Sony PlayStation and TAM accounts.

In 2011 I received an offer from Opera Mediaworks, formerly 4th Screen Advertising; a start-up where I set up and the Rich Media department from scratch as Head of Creative Services – EMEA. Immediately we started to win several pitches, often competing with but also supporting agencies such as Sapient, LBI, JWT, Saatchi, Razorfish. We also sucessfully worked with the main relative media agencies for a vast number of global and prestigious brands such as Sky, Ford, Virgin, Mazda, Activision, Nikon, Mercedes, Asus, Dreamworks, Universal, Fiat, Kraft, Sony, Guardian and many more. We attracted Opera Software whereby the Creative department proposal (acquisition made in February 2012). We also built new products and an analytics platform along with the day to day job on Rich Media/HTML5 units and microsites.

I spent another year in mobile advertising with Odyssey, now Phew, as Creative Director where I raised the creative proposal generating new deals with Microsoft, XBox, Nokia, Warner Bros., Zurich, Ubisoft, One Entertainment and many others.

At that point I felt the urge to get involved in more meaningful and profound human experiences for products and services so in 2014, I restarted to consult with my own company again, 01temp LTD.
Since then I had the privilege to assist some great clients (Start-ups | SME's | Corporations) developing a wide range of multi-platform products and services (Web responsive · iOs | Android | Windows) SaaS and PaaS (B2B | B2C | B2G | G2B | C2G).

Babylon Health | AIG | Science | Hive, British Gas | HSBC | Expedia | BBC | Financial Times | Moneyfarm | British Airways | Ascential
Sapient | VCCP | Candyspace | EY Seren | Fathom | Imagination | RedEye | pulse group | Massive | Initials | Nimbletank Bio Agency Red Eye
Hoxfon | Kamet | Explovia | Football Album
...and founded DOODLEBOX | Co-Founder/CD | AR/VR, Games and Experiences
UNIVERSITY OF CHESTER | Guest Lecturer – Digital Product Design
My experience includes building, leading and mentoring multi-disciplinary teams, researching and validating ideas, explaining, discussing, and justifying design decisions effectively from inception to completion.
I am a curious and self-motivated team player eager to investigate the best possible viable solutions while pushing passionately the quality of work.

I am a logical thinker who aims to solve complex problems with simple ideas to combine delightfully measured solutions with great engineering. I advocate for flat structures, bridging the gap between validated implementation and content in a constant user-centered design focus.

I am inspired by the people and their inter–social dynamics, eager to help and observe to learn and grow collaboratively.

Thanks for your attention,

Hands On/Off | E2E design
Project scoping
Product – Service Design
Information Architecture
AR/VR Experiences

Hands On/Off | E2E design
Project scoping
Product – Service Design
Information Architecture
AR/VR Experiences
Design Research
User testing/interviews
Native App (iOS·Android·Widows)
Digital Brand Development
Big Data Viz
Internet of Things
Multi-Screen | Responsive design
Social | Transactional platforms
Interactive Kiosk
Visual Identity

Banking & Financial Services
Fashion & Luxury Goods
Consumer Products

. Craft something you love and people will do too. Failure == progress Passion + committment Small interdisciplinary teams Go abroad and travel Build, Measure, Learn/|\ Collaborate and co-create Keep your work visible Get our and Play! Deliver often Use your ambidextrous brain Get out from your comfort zone Be open and innovate Challenge if necessary Stay curious Create awesomeness Stay honest Be Brave or Die Repeat <<
Profile – Positioning
A T-shape guy, between Ikigai and Sinek's Golden Circle, I suppose...

About Processes
There is no such a thing like a silver–bullet design process to solve any problem... What is your UX strategy? What about your overall product strategy? Is your organisation capable to run Dual-Track Agile? Also does it even constantly needs that?

Pick your toolset to support UX strategy and goals; do not follow trends because you can easily sell it to the C-Level. Make sure it is relevant to your organisation. Not every week is a Design Sprint one ;)
Not every product or service has the same maturity and needs at that given moment in time. When a viable solution emerges, define and match success criteria to demonstrate tangible value (eg. Your KPI's).
Shorter and leaner cycles are great prior to make any important decisions. We should increment Checks/Feedbacks phases to validate before re-thinking and making again.
The comparison above is providing a clear indication about the time/effort that could possibly be wasted. A scenario with a single final feedback leaves us uninformed, with no protection or ability to promptly steer and improve towards any possible different validation which we should capture over time. Waterfall is a pachiderm. Agile/Lean might apparently look too fragmented and expensive for your needs however we need to fine-tune and adjust in favour of more Check–points rather than a single final chance.

Unaware/Unknown + Frequecy | Informed/Aware - Feedback
Raise awareness, keep your work visible and share tooling and process purposes, only then we might break operational silos in the organisation to obtain one–team for an ideal unique and seamless user experience.

“Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.
Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend”.
― Bruce Lee
Design is...
Craft operational strategic inclusive collaborative coincise clear usable never finished systematic not about trends end2end.

Design might be...
_self Genius! unintentional activity focused experience focused.

FarEast Cinema | Play Bass

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