Maserati Birdcage 75th

Concept Dashboard

To mark their 75th anniversary foundation, Pininfarina decided to give free rein to their creative spirit, with an extreme sports prototype.


Pioneering IOT
The car featured an innovative vehicle/user interaction and a Bluetooth technology communication system developed by Motorola which exchange real time information via the GSM signal on the phone.
Eclettica worked close by Pininfarina Extra to design and deliver the prototype application that projects the interactive dashboard.

Connecting the dots
The UX approach explored the whole spectrum of possibilities on functional areas such as parking, driving and safety as well as the full info–tainment system and the vehicle comfort while taking advantage from the available technology.

Motorola's device and internal/external cameras worked in pair to provide distant activation and security features envisioned as a semi-realistic prototype. Nowadays, after over a decade these features are fully doable and manufacturer are still developing it.

Role Concept/IXD Designer
Other Activities Product research | Prototyping
Team Motorola Tech providers | Pininfarina engineers | Eclettica (4 Des/Dev)
Agency Eclettica
Main contractor Pininfarina Extra
Clients Motorola | Maserati | Pininfarina
Year 2005

“Classic Concept Award” Louis Vuitton (2006)
“Best Concept” Geneva Motor Show (2005)
“L’automobile più bella del mondo” (2005)

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