Transformation Program

A native global platform to transform the way the service is provided.

Working closely with top proposition managers in an exceptionally well established and well sized team leading the design for one of the bank priority digital applications.

Working with the corporation constraints while trying to steer at an adequate pace for the project in order to evolve quickly and get the design signed off at different stages.

Working agile, having an eye on both development and timelines, delivering modular scalable design system with great success and complete client satisfaction. Archieved huge improvements on both visual and interaction territories.

Role Lead UI
Project Native Platform Application
Client Major Bank
Year 2016/7
Development plan TBC

Other activities UX/IA/User Research
Native pattern creation including a bespoken card system

– NB
Prior to this contract i have been also involved for the same client on a series of different projects such as a Dataviz exploration, native and web projects for (Wealth/retail Bank) and an extension of a bespoken proprietary Icon–set.

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