100 numbers = 1 SIM

An innovative single app to manage all your numbers using Twilio Services.

Challenge and Scope
Create an app to manage multiple telephone numbers without physically replace SIMS. Pay regional fee to dial abroad from a local number. Stay close to your customers and/or family. Control who can reach you and when.
Whether you are an individual or a business create your own rules to redirect and interact with different channels (ie. SMS, voice, video, WhatsApp, email and more).

MVP challenge
How we might design and build from scratch a React Native (Designated technology by Founder/CTO) application; test it with real users and ship it getting App Stores approval in only few months?

An relevant design language that support the overall interaction and all MVP scoped functionalities. A frictionles and intuitive experience. Scroll for details.

Role End-to-End Design | Branding | System
Team 2x = 1 Designer (Me)/1 Developer (Founder)
Client Hoxfon
Year 2017 (5 months)
MVP timeframes 2 months branding and preparation – 3 months MVP delivered in React Native (Android)

technical note ⚒
Twilio is the world’s leading cloud communication platform that enables you to engage customers across channels - SMS, voice, video, WhatsApp, email and more.
These services could be managed with sets of rules which are making a really powerful tool-set to manage and transform any customer communications for business.

Mapping the experience

Scoping viable MVP while creating the IA.

Feature Set

Trello boards were used all the way through from the very beginning.

Pre-Existing brand exploration

What the Founder/CTO handed to me...

Native iconography

Considering users familiarity with patterns and iconography.

Palette exploration

How we might possibly match appropriate colours to support calls and interactions avoiding distraction?

Start sketching

Logotype evolution

And the winner is...

We communicated via Whassup with the users from the very beginning to keep them engaged at all time, communicate changes, present new visual elements or ask anything that we needed to know. This is also valid for the final version of the logo and its applications.

Android Theme definition

Visual language + Brand expression

Supporting interaction – UX meet UI meet Transitions
What about empty states, loading, dialling, calling and all transitions and instances which are continuosly happening unnoticed?
Your logo persist few seconds during the loading screen then eventually disappear to leave room for more important interface elements to let the users perform their tasks.

In this particular case given the nature of the mark, his metaphor and the potential actions that could empower it makes sense to support all the relevant functionalities with transitory visual elements to suggest what is going on in the screen at different stages supporting both affordance and interactions while improving the overall experience.


Constantly tracking users behaviours in spending and consumption.

Google Play stills

Email Template

Google Store reviews


More Work