Beebs challenge

Design for the needs of a wide but fragmented demographic audience. Maintain coherence and consistency across the network while providing the flexibility to express the radio singularity and own brand character. All this staying within the BBC GEL vocabulary.
What we learned
The radio is a cultural treasure and a daily companion, but what millions of users want most from a digital radio experience?
We learned that expectations are very different among audience groups, but a common patterns emerged during the testing and research sessions... everybody wants at least, replicate weather not to improve, the same physical analogical radio experience they are familiar with.

Process · insights
Remove the pre–existing pop-up listening window to reduce the friction.

Apply the findings prioritising features and actions to take without compromising the platform. Introducing new modules and components one by one while testing in order to avoid potential disruptions.

Maintain the basic traditional radio functionalities while providing a pure digital experience that could potentially bring many advantages.
Create a personalised but flexible experience for every individual, whatever their needs or interest.

THE BIG idea
Introduce a main responsive sticky–top component that combines the Branding + Live program (Present) + Schedule (Past/Future) always available to the users.

The specific Radio anatomy is now based on a single vertical scrolling page. It is composed by 12 different module groups designed around the whole network publishing needs . Program Radio managers are able to pick and publish the responsive modules they need to empower them to create their own structure.

– On the "sticky-top" of it ...

The Branded live–Schedule widget supersedes all users' expectations through a simple, seamless and delightful immersive listening experience.
It also provides a simple and intuitive digital service, delivering a station specific daily overview without compromising a deeper content perusal.

Role Lead UX/UI Consultant
Client BBC Future Media
Year 2015–2016
Partial live implementation 2016–2017
Other activities Branding

Live–Schedule widget

Original sketch and hi-res wires

Exploration Phase

Previous top–navigation abandoned in favour of further architectural simplifications


More Work