Hearing Care

Empower people to rediscover all the emotions of sound.

Global leader in the hearing care retail industry, changing the lives of millions of customers across the globe since 1950. With stores and offices spanning across 28 countries and a team of 17,000 dedicated professionals, Amplifon takes the pride in setting the industry standard as well as empower people to rediscover all the emotions of sound.

The evidence of an inconstant research, insights and requirements documentation it was obvious to me as well as an unmatched tracking to assess needs, risks and opportunities. The purpose and the challenge was simply fascinating because of the purpose and the complexity implications (IOT | Technology | Human factor). The whole product range and related services, especially Remote Care were riped for a full digital service mechanic but the customer's tech savviness and the effectiveness of the technology it wasn't solidly in place and monitored.

Role, Output · solution
I have initially supported the Amplifon account team on Remote Care features as Product Designer; then sensed a void and the relative the urge to bring back the attention to validation and a Service Design stream to properly and holistically assess the future account roadmaps. Therefore I have created a Service Matrix which includes users testing and data, presenting and convincing to the client to pursue this more scientific validated path. Threreafter the unexpected stakeholders approval, I have been asked by the agency MD to lead this stream while supporting other platform features but also leading customer interviews.

Role ACD (Contract)
Other activities Sevice Design Lead, IA
Team Distributed (Milan | London | Berlin)
Project Multiplatform
Client Amplifon
Agency Sapient (Milan | London | Berlin)
Year 2019/20 (7 Months consultancy)

NOTE Unfortunately I suffered from a bad sciatica and Covit 19 came in place and as a contractor I have been dropped out in favour of internal perm staff.

Native features

Ability to adjust controls, read and transfer data for training and improving.


Audiologist will be eventually able to totally support customers remotely.

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