Active Heating

A connected system that lets you control your home from your phone.

Improve the overall pre–existing experience while designing new product features and the responsive web–shop.

Offer quick access to the core features. Empower users to change the schedule or start/stop the heating at anytime because their plans could dramatically change on a daily basis.

Focus on micro–interactions synthesizing individual elements and features of a product from the bottom-up, ultimately discovering new use cases that could drive a viable business strategy.

output · solution
Create an instant weather pull–out layer with a 5 days forecast postcode related. Anticipate the way users and information flow make affordance for change overtime with the widget. Provide immediate access to the main functions with a single tap as an ideal strategic Micro–UX solution.

Role Interaction/Product Designer (UX/UI)
Project Native Applications (iOS/Android)/Webshop
Client Hive/British Gas
Year 2014

Appstore: 4/5 - 278 Ratings
GooglePlay: 4/5 - 1,379 Ratings

5 Days weather forecast

Planning to stay away longer or coming back earlier?
No problem, you can plan 5 days ahead while saving money and set your desidered environment at anytime.

Temperature history and consumption calendar

Keep everything on track, compare period consumption costs and detect where potential actionable improvements.

Android Widgets concept

Quick change of plan and direct access, A Micro–UX delight, MVP of IOT.
I have thought about this opportunity around JAN 2014 after few rounds of guerrilla testing and user interviews I have personally conducted. Unfortunately it was not set as a priority despite the low efforts to produce the widget.

An indipendent developer, hacked and produced the same concept one year later, DEC 2015. I assume as a user, like many others, he was screaming for that functionality.

Design concept – sizes

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