The fine Art of gestures

A different agency
Proposte is an advertising agency famous for their flair and sense of humour that makes them special among more corporate competitors.
How to create an engaging interactive experience to enhance their cocktail of sarcasm and fun while showcasing their crat and quality of work?

Our hands are expression of our intentions and messangers of our feelings. In the Italian body language they are an essential and effective tool. To deliver this concept we created a wide array of interactive short clips where the hands are free to "speak" directly to the user.

In every section the hands host and engage the users creating sometimes hilarious experiences and some other times more contextual and relevant ones. Every section is associated with a specific bespoken interactive clip which are paused, restarted or transformed according to the user interaction.

Role Art Direction/Design
Client Proposte ADV
Year 2005
Other activities Video Editing/AS2 development

"This version of our website reflect entirely our craft and care whilst convey the irony and our playful attitude as well as the passion we put constantly in our work".

Gianni Carretta Pontone
Founder & Creative Director

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